Place your order here for delivery tomorrow….

Place your order by phone 07427 598930 or fill out the form below. Free delivery in Chepstow.
Large/Small White Loaf £1.30/75p
Large/Small Brown Loaf £1.30/75p
Large/Small Brown Seeded Loaf £1.50/90p
White/Brown Bread Rolls (6 pack) £1.30
Large/Small Spelt Loaf £1.90/£1.00
Large/Small Soda Bread £2.90/£1.60
Tiger Bread £1.40
Milk Loaf £1.70
Cheese & Onion £1.50
Focaccia (ea) £1.50
Bagels (4pack) £1.50 – Plain, Cinnamon, Sesame, Cheese
Belgian Buns (2 pack) £1.70/95p each
Chelsea Buns (2 pack) £1.70/95p each
Teacakes (4 pack) £1.50
Almond Croissants £1.20
Nutella Croissant £1.20
Cupcakes 6 for £6


Vanilla Crown £1
Maple & Pecan Twist £1
Apple, Sultana and Cinnamon £1
Raspberry Bakewell Danish £1


Individual Pork Pie 75p
Cheese & Ham Croissant £1.20
Bacon & Brie Wrap £1.25

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