Next Week…..

We will be introducing the Salted Caramel Babka Knot at £1.25. The Blueberry and Raspberry Pavlovas will be making an appearance at £1.50.

Salted Caramel Babka Knot

The peanut brownies will be staying along with other favourites Vanilla Slices, Millionaire Shortbread and Chelsea Buns.

Bread is available everyday but you must order it the day before, it’s no good me baking 4 of each loaves, only to find the birds are benefiting.

We now have 4 different pasties available, Cornish, Chicken Bacon and Mushroom, Corned Beef and the Potato, Leek and Cheese pasty.

You will notice the online shop, here you will see the stock levels of everything we have. It’s all cash on delivery, so no need for debit cards and the such. I get notifications if you use the shop and then I don’t need to keep checking Facebook all the time, my mobile is caked in flour and cake batter now because of checking for missed orders on the phone.

Jen has been asking me to make cupcakes for teachers at the end of the summer term. So, if you would like any, please raise it on Facebook.


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