This week, ending 1st September

We’ve had a lot of new “likers” join us this week, so just to remind you, if there’s anything you fancy let us know and I will try and get it made. We make extra so others can have a chance of trying our bakes.

This week, we’ve had requests for……

Scotch Eggs £1.25 – Tuesday

Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecakes £2.50 – Thursday

Strawberry Cheesecakes £1.75 – Thursday

Triple Chocolate Brownies £1.50 – Thursday

Almond Tarts £1.30 – Thursday

Vanilla Slices £1.75 – Saturday

I can’t take any requests for Friday afternoon as we have to make and ice 100 doughnuts for a wedding on Saturday.

Sadly, I have a hospital appointment on Wednesday which rules out the afternoon but I will try and sort out our usual pasties, quiches etc which we will still have every day.

So this leaves Saturday open for requests, if possible we will try and take requests for Sunday as we are missing Wednesday, perhaps some Apple Crumbles?? which I forgot all about this weekend just gone.

Finally, I’ve been asked to bake some 4 inch Christmas Cakes, they will retail at £8.50 each.

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