Biscoff Cheesecake

Recipe makes 6 cheesecake using 9cm pastry rings.


The Base
200g Lotus biscuits
75g Butter
300g cream cheese
50g caster sugar
2tsp powdered gelatine
150g Mascarpone
150g Whipped Cream
150g Biscoff Spread
2tbsp Biscoff Spread
2 Lotus Biscuits
Start by breaking the Lotus biscuits using a food processor. Add your butter to the biscuit and press the mixture into the rings and leave to chill whilst you make your filling.

Add 2tsp powdered gelatine to a bowl alongside 8tsp of cold water. Allow to bloom. Once bloomed, stick it in a microwave for a few seconds until the mixture dissolves.

Whisk your double cream to soft peaks.

Whisk the cream cheese with the sugar, then mascarpone, whipped cream, Biscoff spread and finally the cooled gelatine mixture.

Remove your biscuit bases and fill up your rings with the filling, leave to chill overnight.

To decorate, warm 2tbsp of Biscoff spread and drizzle over your cheesecake. Grind your 2 biscuits in to a dust and sprinkle over your dessert.


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