All our Baguettes are home made and baked daily after the dough has proved overnight. All are served with salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion unless you tell us otherwise. The baguettes marked with * have no salad.

Cheese & Ham £2.00

Ham £1.75

Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn £2.00

Bacon Roll £2.00 *

Bacon & Brie £2.50 *

Bacon, Cheese & Ham £2.50 *

Grilled Halloumi £2.50

Chicken & Chorizo £3.00

Cheese £1.75

As always, we deliver to your home or work, on orders over £5, Garden City, The Danes, Chepstow, Bulwark, Tutshill, Sedbury and Newhouse Farm Industrial Est.